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Feedback and evaluation

Thank you all for completing the evaluation forms. The full report report is here:

Aspects appreciated

A strong positive aspect reported strongly across delegates and project phases included networking opportunities with other projects, the individuals with similar interests, the JISC personnel and the support team.  Some members of Phase 3 would have liked more networking opportunities within their Phase at this early stage of their projects. Other collectively strong aspects were the discussion of benefits realisation (with some Phase 3 delegates considering it premature for their schedule) and the face-to-face aspects of the event. The ‘speed-dating’ (networking) activity was valued, while appreciation of the social events included enjoyment of the evening ‘mini-Interesting’ event.

Aspects criticised

The diversity of perceptions and expectations across delegates is reflected in the wide spread of similarly ranked words.

Delegates referred to the mix of phases at the event/ in some of the activities. However, activity grouping by seating rather than by ‘clusters’ or commonalities also drew some criticism. Some prior clustering might have resulted in more authentic than simulated activity results.

Comments from both phases referred to ‘tech-speak’ and the assumption made in presentation that delegates were familiar with acronyms and technological references.

Both Phase 2 and 3 had delegates that referred to confusing or inaccurate pre-event information.  In Phase 2 some of the posters had been prepared on the understanding that they would be presented by the team though they were only displayed at the event.  Phase 3 delegates referred to the ‘wasted time’ of preparing videos that were not presented or used at the event.

Criticisms with respect to sessions included that outputs were not clear; more facilitation needed and the difficulty of meeting the needs of teams in different phases. Time-keeping that ‘slipped’ and references to being ‘talked to’ instead of more interactive activities; an ‘SSBR ideology’ and the need for JISC staff to have ‘a more cohesive front’.

Problems with the venue layout included difficulty seeing around the pillars, difficulty hearing questions from the floor, and projected slides with print too small to read from where delegates sat.